Jointer / Try Planes

A jointer or Try / Trying Plane is used primarily to straighten the edges of boards in the operation known as jointing. A jointer plane may also be used to flatten the face of a board. Its long length is designed to 'ride over' the undulations of an uneven surface, skimming off the peaks, gradually creating a flat surface. In thicknessing or preparing rough stock, the jointer plane is usually preceded by the fore plane or jack plane and followed by the smoothing plane

If you want to create a long joint then the only thing that will do the job is a long plane.. as a general rule of thumb you want, if at all possible, a plane a few inches longer than the piece of wood you want to flatten.  In this category you will find all 6, 7 and 8 metal bodied planes as well as any wooden bodied jointing planes we have in stock.