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The Stalbridge Shop

We have four tool rooms spread over two floors filled to the brim with fine tools and add around 50 more each working day.. to say we are obsessed is an understating the situation by half!  Here are a few images of the shop, it is in a constant state of flux  and developement but we hope this snapshot will give you an idea of why you should definitly visit in person.  Monday to Saturday 9 to 5 or by appointment at other times.
Vintage Tool Shop Front Stalbridge
Vintage Tool Shop Upstairs
Vintage Tool Shop Upstairs Room 2
Vintage Tool Shop Side Tool Room
Vintage Tool Shop Main Shop Floor
Vintage Tool Shop Entrance
Vintage Tool Shop Side Plane Wall
Vintage Tool Shop Main Shop Floor Drills et al
Tool Cabinet
A few Carving Tools
Vintage Tool Shop Chisels and More
Marking Gauges
An other cabinet of vintage tools
Ornamental Turning Tools